What is Boundless?

In 2015 the Australian Youth Advisory Network identified a need to engage with young members of St John Ambulance Australia to gain their input on the main projects within the organisation. Boundless 2016 saw young people from across Australia collaborate to share their ideas and to be consulted on the main issues with the organisation. Members gathered both face to face & virtually. The Boundless 2016 program saw experts in their field come to present to the young people of St John Ambulance along with opportunities for consultation on hot topics that are being discussed within senior levels of the organisation. Boundless is a tool for young people of the organisation to be heard. From the initial concept of the Boundless summit, the idea grew into AYAN being able to provide young people with continuous professional development just like they received at the Boundless Summit.

Who is Boundless for?

Boundless is for any member of St John Ambulance Australia, however, the Boundless summit is restricted to 18 to 26 year olds. Members outside the ages of 18 to 26 that wish to take part in a Boundless Summit can attend virtually, however, can not participate in consultation activities.

Individuals who are:


Energy and enthusiasm that is impactful.


An advocate at heart, that’s forward thinking.


An opportunist, with a yearning to pursue challenges.

Aim and Purpose

The aim of Boundless is to create a sense of belonging for young members of St John Ambulance Australia by expanding their networks, inspiring them in finding a purpose in their volunteering roles.

Boundless will see members growing their skill set through a variety of professional development, knowledge sharing and having their input heard on key issues within the organisation through consultation.

Why should I go?

Young members of St John Ambulance Australia will have the opportunity to develop their personal skills, ambitions, network, and be consulted with and inspired by the leadership/speaker panel we have prepared for you.


Meet and learn with your fellow St John associates from all over Australia! An alliance that crosses states :)


You’ll make more than just new friends! It’ll be a collaborative effort to define impact through your roles.

Nuture Idea’s

All idea’s grow out of other idea’s. Suggest, brainstorm, and share your thoughts with AYAN.

Be Heard

Be consulted with on key issues within the organisation—your voice has never been more important.

Speak to Leaders

Hear from the best of the best, content tailored exclusively for our attendee’s.

Inspire Ambition

Spark unique passion, possibilities and aspirations for your role in St John.

Meet the team behind Boundless

Matt joined St John in 2008 and has been heavily involved with the youth of St John ever since. When not volunteering with St John, he is an Allied Health Assistant at Goulburn Health Services, at the gym or out taking some photos. He is also a massive fan of Grey’s Anatomy!

Michael Andrews


Michael joined St John in the UK in 2005, before moving to Australia in 2012. Michael’s held various roles at different levels but what he loves most is working with young people. Extremely passionate about engaging and developing young people, Michael wants to influence them so they can shape the future of the organsiation. When not volunteering, he’s studying Paramedic Science.