Financial Support is NOW Available!

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The National Youth Leadership Fund (NYLF) is a grant established to help young St John members to participate in external leadership courses or programs. The aim for young members funded under the NYLF is to assist them to develop their leadership knowledge, skills and qualities.

Each year, St John Ambulance Australia contributes $5,000 to the NYLF to support young St John members in attending youth leadership courses or programs.

This year the Australian Youth Advisory Network have been successful in gaining special permission for young people to apply for the fund through their application for Boundless. This means if you are have difficulties cover your expenses to Boundless 2016 we can help you!!

If you would like to be considered for financial support for Boundless 2016. Click the apply to attend button your application will be review by the team.

Can wait to see your registration come through!

If you have any questions about how the National Youth Leadership Fund can assist you in making your way to boundless, flick us an email boundless@ayan.org.au .