Join us at Boundless 2019!

Young members of St John Ambulance Australia, who are 18 - 26 year old, are invited to attend Boundless 2019 in Melbourne. Do you have what it takes?


Opportunities available at Boundless 2016

The team at the Australian Youth Advisory Network is seeking support from the community at which our organisation provides Event Health Services, Community Care & First Aid Training. If you are interested in business sponsorship opportunities for Boundless 2016, let us know!


 SUNDAY 5 May 2019

9:50 AM to 4:00 PM


Melbourne Training Centre

Level 6, 310 King Street

Melbourne Vic 3000

Aim and Purpose

The aim of Boundless is to create a sense of belonging for young members of St John Ambulance Australia aged 18–26 by expanding their networks, and inspiring them in finding a purpose in their volunteering roles. Boundless will see members growing their skill set through a variety of professional development, and knowledge sharing activities, while having their input heard on key issues within the organisation through consultation.



We aim to nurture, motivate and equip new leaders amongst the young members of St John Ambulance, at Boundless.


By facilitating and encouraging interstate networks and associations, our young members of St John can make a collective impact.


Inspiring passion and unlocking potential, through well-known presenters we’ve carefully thought of and invited to Boundless.


Boundless is designed to inspire idea’s and spur a sense of belonging and fulfilment within our young members of St John Ambulance.

Our aim is to create a sense of belonging & to help those find purpose in thier volunteering roles.

Boundless will nurture, motivate and inspire new leaders amongst the young adults of St John Ambulance.

By facilitating and encouraging interstate associations, we can unlock potential and make a collective impact.